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Our Process
Custom Construction -
Is any build where the land owner hires Axiom to build their home, investment property or vacation home.  Typically the homeowner gets the construction loan.

Axiom will meet to go over plans, concepts, ideas and most importantly get a picture of the scope of the build.  If you have plans we can discuss specifics or if you just have general ideas we can determine the best architect to accomplish your design criteria.
Matching up the right architect for your style and budget is very important.  Weather you're getting brand new original plans or customizing a already designed set of plans, it's very important to make them your own.
Once plans are drawn we sit down and go over the specifics of your requirements, needs, wants and wishes.  This step allows us to create a very detailed and accurate budget for your build.
Your custom plan will be bid out, estimated and calculated based on our discussions .  It is typical to go through several revisions to get to an actual working budget.  We do something called "The Ultimate Open Book Policy", which is described below.
With specifications and a working budget, as well as finished plans, we can submit for permits and provide the necessary information to the bank to finalize the loan process.
The bank has funded the loan so we start building your home.  You will be provided a schedule which has selection dates on it.  This allows you to make selections in a timely matter.  The amount of time and the number of selections you make is up to you.   You will receive monthly financial information (invoices, bank statements, quickbooks statements and bank draw requests). 
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Axiom Luxury Homes uses something called "The Ultimate Open Book Policy".  We operate under total transparency in all aspects of our business allowing our clients to see all that we do.

We allow access to supplier/subcontractor bids, budgets/estimates and any discounts/rebates.  As well, we allow clients to obtain bids if they so choose.

Each client receives our monthly invoices from all bills/payments, as well as monthly Quickbooks printouts of all transactions related to their job.  We also provide each client with their own dedicated bank account in which they receive monthly statements.

We do all of this to make sure the clients are able to see everything associated with their build, giving them piece of mind that the cost of their new home is exactly what they are being charged.
A new custom home costs about 15% less than a comparable new prebuilt home
Getting a custom home loan is basically the same process as getting a regular home loan
We can build a new home in less than 4 months
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